How do I get a quote?

You can contact our office by phone or email to schedule a free estimate. A sales rep will come out to your property to measure and quote out your job. From there, they will provide you a quote. 

Do I need to apply for my permit? How do I apply for my permit? How long do permits take?

Fortis offers the service to apply for your permit at an additional $150 fee. We recommend homeowners to apply for their own permits, as we have seen that the villages often approve them quicker. 

Each village is different, so it is best to visit their website to learn the steps to apply for a permit. You will need a copy of your estimate as well as your plat of survey to apply. 

The timeframe on receiving permits averages around 2-3 weeks depending on the village and what you are getting done. 

When will Fortis schedule my job?

We need a signed contract and approved permit in order to begin any work. Once you receive your permit, call or email the office with your permit number. Once we receive that, the office staff will let you know how many weeks out we are with scheduling. We will call you the week before your tentative start date. 

What does the job process look like?

On day one, Fortis will come out to excavate and prep your job. Once excavation has been completed, Fortis will contact the village to schedule a pre-pour inspection. An approved pre-pour inspection is needed to continue on with pouring/paving.

Once the inspection is approved, we will move you into our pouring scheduling department. 3-7 days later depending on weather and other conditions, Fortis will pour your concrete or lay your asphalt. We will call you the day before you are scheduled for pouring.

Framing is generally removed by the end of the week. Once the framing is removed, YOU are responsible for the backfill and calling to set up a final inspection. 

When is payment due? How do I pay?

Payment is due the day of the pour. A 2% fee is charged for use of any debit or credit cards. Please hand your payment to the foreman on the day of the pour or call our office to pay with a credit card. If you will not be home, you can put your payment in an envelope and tape it to the door. 

When can I walk/drive on my new concrete?

We recommend not walking on the new concrete until 24-48 hours after it is poured. You should not park, drive, or place furniture on new concrete for 7-10 days. 

When can I walk/drive on my new asphalt?

We recommend not walking on new asphalt until 24 hours after it is installed. You should not drive or park on new asphalt for 5 days after paving. If the temperature is above 90 degrees, wait 7 days to drive on it.

When do I need to seal my concrete?

Fortis uses Ozinga Shield sealer in the concrete. Ozinga Shield drastically reduces water penetration, increases long-term durability, improves color vibrancy, and starts protecting from day one. When Ozinga shield is used, you will not have to seal your concrete for at least a year after it is poured.

When do I need to water my concrete?

Curing is part of the drying process which begins the minute the concrete is poured. The goal is to keep the concrete cool and moist so that it gains strength slowly. Begin to water your concrete down the day after it was poured. Spray it down 3-4 times per day for seven days. This is only necessary when temperatures reach 78 degrees or more.

When should I sealcoat my asphalt? Does Fortis provide this service?

We recommend sealcoating your asphalt driveway 1 year after installation, then every other year after that. Fortis does not provide sealcoating services.

Does Fortis provide warranty?

Fortis will warranty labor and material for a period of one year. This warranty excludes from hairline stress fractures less than half an inch which can occur from shrinkage during the drying process or overloads. It also excludes minor chipping that can occur from freeze thaw cycles or usage of de-icers not recommended for use on concrete. 

What do I do if I have a customer service issue?

Send an email to fortisgw@yahoo.com. Provide your full name that the job was under, the address, and when the job was done. Give a brief description of the issues you are having. You must provide pictures of the problem areas. 

Our office staff will create a customer service work order with this information for the customer service manager to review. You will hear from our team 1-3 weeks after with the next steps.